Trainings For Organizations

Key Assets offers trainings and professional consultancy services to organizations.

At Key Assets we are committed to raising the bar on quality care and service delivery to children and families across Canada. Utilizing the expertise that we have developed both locally and internationally we are excited to offer customized training programs for governments and community service providers to meet their unique needs.

Our skilled team of professionals have expertise in trauma-informed care and have successfully partnered with and supported organizations to achieve excellence in delivering family-based, residential and individualized services for children and families. We have partnered with government to develop services informed by and in collaboration with community advisors and elders in remote communities designed to meet their community and cultural needs. We have experienced and certified trainers ready to customize training solutions for delivery in-person or online to meet your unique needs.

Key Assets has also partnered with Cornerstone, a UK based organization who are pioneers in the use of virtual reality as a tool for behaviour change in social care. They have created the world’s first VR tool for use in adoption and fostering and have now branched out to utilize the technology in prevention, mental health and policing. This VR program uses 360-degree immersive films and virtual reality headsets, enabling the viewer to experience life from the perspective of a child. Its unique approach offers a way to understand the impact of attachment and trauma, through the eyes of a child.

Our team is regularly engaged to providing expert services, consultation and training. We have the professional experience and knowledge to be flexible in meeting a range of service needs. Below is an example of some of our services

  • Service reviews and design for government licensing processes
  • Foster care recruitment, support and policy development
  • Parenting Capacity Assessments
  • Foster and Kinship Care Assessments
  • Professional Development & Training including ASIST, Person Brain, VR Technology, Immunity to Change and Meyers Briggs
  • Therapeutic & Group Services
  • Clinical Consultations
  • Targeted Case Management

Contact us to day to discuss how Key Assets can assist you in meeting the professional, clinical and developmental needs of your organization.