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Our Services & Training

Services & Training for Children, Youth & Families

At Key Assets in Canada, we work hard to provide our children and youth with safe and supportive services, always from trusted staff and carers that they can depend on. As non-profit organizations, we work collaboratively with government and non-government organizations to meet local needs. We believe in providing our services with purpose and integrity in an open, transparent manner for the benefit of our staff, our carers, and above all else – our children, families and community.

We are dedicated to creating a culture of candor and ensuring an inclusive, equitable, diverse and anti-racist organization that provides quality service and achieves positive and lasting outcomes for children, families and communities.

Providing safe, stable environments for vulnerable children, youth and their families.

At Key Assets we have developed a wide range of care models which enables us to deliver high quality, individualized care. At the centre of our services is our therapeutic, relationship-based approach which draws on research into trauma, attachment and systems theory. Care planning is central to our work, reflecting individualized goals and strategies to support the shifting needs of children and families. Our continuum of services and willingness to adapt and meet individuals where they’re located improves safety, connectedness and long-term positive outcomes.

Central to our approach is service coordination; activating and making the most effective use of therapy, education, social work, and child and youth care supports to enhance the quality of service provided. AOur commitment to quality care ensures access to professional, clinically based training for support staff and carers in meeting the unique range of needs of our service users.

We work as, and with, a multi-disciplinary team to provide the best possible supports and services to our children and families.

Meeting Unique or Complex Needs

Many of the placement services at Key Assets are aimed at supporting children and youth with high and complex needs that require therapeutic support tailored to their unique situation. These children and youth must be supported by carers and professionals who understand that behaviours are often related to past traumatic experiences. Creating tailored, trauma-informed care plans with a trained team around the child or youth reduces acting out behaviour and the risk of placement breakdown.

At Key Assets, we understand that every child and youth will have individualized needs and when it comes to providing care, no two children and no two placements are ever the same. Our staff and carers are screened to ensure that they are committed to, capable of, providing support to children and youth from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Young people and families we work with have often  experienced marginalization as a result of gender identity, ethnicity, race, native or indigenous origin, sexual orientation, culture, religion, and mental health. At Key Assets, we value diversity and expect inclusion.

Our aim is to achieve stable, safe placements and provide family-based or family-like care whenever possible.

At Key Assets we are always open to considering how we can assist in providing short-term, long-term or respite care. We are often able to accommodate sibling placements in addition to individual and intensive services through a process of careful placement matching.

Our community partners have come to rely on us as a dependable and reliable organization committed to needs of children and youth. To find out more about our services and how we help, give us a call Toll Free 1-833-301-5500 or reach out and contact a Key Assets team member.

You can also learn more about the specific services we provide by visiting our service pages for the regions in which we operate.