The Approach

Every story is different, but they all have one thing in common.

The Need For Alternative Care and Caregivers

Every day, thousands of children and youth in Canada and across the world find themselves in contact with government and non-government child welfare organizations. Their requirement for establishing this contact can be due to a multitude of reasons – family illness, mental health, family violence, neglect or abuse – but ultimately, their well-being and safety is at risk. All children coming into contact with the child welfare system will have experienced some form of trauma that will forever impact their lives.

Key Assets’ continuum of care services has been developed in response to the unique needs within each community we serve. These services include a range of community supports, prevention and family intervention services, targeted clinical and therapeutic supports, foster and family-based care, individualized, and small residential programs and after-care supports. We aim to continuously evolve and adapt to provide a range of services to meet shifting needs of children, families and communities.

It is our goal to provide children and families with a high standard of care and support in a manner that is inclusive, accepting and prioritizes their safety and resilience. We will ensure that our service is delivered by passionate, caring and respectful individuals who will listen and learn so that we can continuously improve and provide individualized professional services.