PersonBrain Training

Key Assets partners with Dr. Paul Baker to provide PersonBrain Trainings.

Key Assets Canada
At Key Assets we strive to provide clinical supports and interventions that allow our staff and caregivers to be thoughtful and intentional while putting theory into practice. The PersonBrain Model™ is a powerful, trauma-informed care training that is strengths-based and provides essential positive behavior support skills within a NeuroTransactional Model. The NeuroTransactional care approach is grounded in research and incorporates the best of practical brain-based concepts, trauma-informed theories, relational practices, ecological psychology and culturally-responsive interventions to help transform challenging behaviors.

The first group of Key Assets staff who attended training with Dr. Paul Baker in 2017 were inspired and excited by the ease with which the theory was explained and left them feeling confident to apply their learnings into practice. The concept of reimbursements explained in the model applies not only to children and youth but to every human being and informs the experiences and interactions needed for an individual to flourish.

Following the integration of the PersonBrain Model™ into the Key Assets programs and services we developed a partnership with Dr. Baker as the National Training site for PersonBrain in Canada. We have qualified trainers in each of our provinces who provide internal and external training with the support and oversight of Dr. Baker. Feedback following training consistently reinforces the practical application of the model for professionals and non-professionals alike.

At Key Assets we are invested in the PersonBrain Model™ and through utilizing a combination of powerful therapeutic techniques to address reimbursement deficits we have been successful in supporting even the most challenging children and youth. Our staff and carers are excited that through integrating PersonBrain concepts into our care and safety planning that we are creating success, hope and repairing the impacts of trauma.

PersonBrain training is a powerful trauma-informed care training, beneficial for counsellors/therapists, educators, first-responders, parents or anyone who works directly with children and youth who have experienced trauma. Key Assets in partnership with Dr. Paul Baker offers PersonBrain trainings in Canada. The training can also be delivered online. To participate or to organize one for your staff or a group, please get in touch with: Cassandra.duignan@keyassetson.ca.